Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WaTeR gAmE!? FuN!!!

*SpLaSh sPlAsH*
iTs NiCe!!! ItS FuN!!!
*sPlAsH SpLaSh sPlAsH*
wEe~~ i Gt wEt?! HaHax... YeA rYt~ i Gt wEt...
dEy~ iF u DiN jOiN rEaLi MiSs It LaR... xDDDD
JuZ nOw... aBt 3p.m... i hV 2 Go 2 SkOoL 4 dA sT.JoHn mEeTiNg... n YeA rYt~ i Am a gUd gUrLz n i WoNt PoNtEnG MiA... xD *WiNkZ* *pErAsAn*
2dAy dA AjK OrGaNiZe TrEaSuRe HuNt~
iTs nT FuN aT aLl~~ eNd Up... mY gRoUp Go qUiT dA gAmE~ bCoS iTs DaMn sTuPiD n Nt FuN aT aLl!!! DuNnO wAt ThEy pLaY aLsO!!! bOoOoOoOoOo...
aFtEr qUiT~ wE BuAt BoDoH tHeRe 4 a wHiLe n sWeE MuN CoMe dE... ShE wAs HoLdIn fLoUr!!! sHe WaNnA KaCaO PpL... n sHe Go aNyWhErE n tHrOw fLoUr oN PpL pAnTs oR hAiR~
Of CuZ i KeNa LaR... HaHax... ThEn i FoLo hEr Go rOuNd dA gRoUnd fLoOr oF SkOoL n KaCAo PpL LoR... ShE gAvE mE SuM n I gO KaCaO SuM PpL...
wE pLaY PlAy n pLaY~
eNd Up wE SpLaSh WaTeR On eAcH OtHeR!!! HahAx... i Gt wEt!!! Wo-Ho!! iTs FuN kAy~ xDDD
ThEn wHeN gOnNa dIsMiSs TiMe!!! *bAnG* a BaLl HiT HeMaN's HeAd... HaHax... n i aLsO dUnNo wAt's GoIn On... tHeN DiSmIsS dE Go 2 FoYeR A n SpLaSh PpL!!!
TaT TiMe eVeN WoRsT!! i Gt wEt aLL!!!!
oWh yA~
4gET 2 TeLl u~
mY LiSaN cAnCeLeD bCoS iTs rAiNiNg hEaViLy... n TeAcHeR cAnT HeAr~
GoNnA hV LiSaN NeXt wEeK~ FuHhHh~


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